Role: Lead Editor

The goal of this project was to edit a short 1-2 minute teaser that showed all aspects of a fun-filled 4 day wedding event in India. This was a monumental task, as we were working with over 15 hours of footage to choose from, and the client had very high expectations. This was one of my first jobs working with a wedding video company, and we had the additional goal of making this a key promotional video the company could later use for attracting new clients.

The piece turned out amazing. In particular, the cuts and effects nail the rhythm and the strong beats of the music. To showcase more footage and maintain energy, the piece has generous amounts of multi-screen (showing multiple videos onscreen at the same time). To emphasize key moments and keep pace, there is extensive time remapping (changing the playback speed of sections of a video clip). Much thought was put into not only what footage to use but the order and placement of the footage. Note that certain clips were lined up with the lyrics of the video to create a more engaging piece (such as when the couple's hands are seen joining while hearing the lyrics "take my hand"). The teaser was later showcased on a popular wedding blog.


(practice project)

Role: Sole Editor

For this practice project, I set out to create an alternate trailer of the narrative-focused game that also incorporates actual reviews from video game press. This video was designed to highlight narrative beats and a variety of footage that was not in the original trailer. A viewer could enjoy watching the original trailer and mine with minimum repetition, or watch either alone and still be excited to play the game. All footage was recorded by me when playing the game, and pull quotes were selected from real reviews online. As an additional personal challenge, I completed the video within 72 hours of the game's launch. Compare to the original trailer here.


Role: Sole Camera Operator, Sole Editor, Wrote Voice Over

The goal of this project was to create an approximate two minute news segment video about the floating homes of Sausalito, CA. This was contract work for Knowlera Media, a production company that hires videographers to produce news segment pieces for later resale and distribution. While I was working with a team member, their job was essentially admin and to speak the voice over, with the prep work of research and preparing interview questions, forming a story, all the production work, and all the postproduction work, including the writing and recording of said voice over, up to me.

The completed video was featured on the Yahoo! homepage for a few days along other rotating news and story segment videos.


Role: Camera Operator, Lead Editor

The goal of this project was to record a live set of a rock band at a packed and energetic venue. Working with the team beforehand, I designed a shooting plan that best utilized our five available cameras and the limited space. In editing, I was particularly mindful of capturing the energy of the event with quicker cuts that followed the pace and beats of the music. I've recorded dozens of concert performances, though I still remember the energy of the band from this one.


Role: Camera Operator, Sole Editor

The goal of this project was to record a live set performance by talented musician Ron Moton, and then later edit that footage into a short promotional video to secure more music gigs and fans for the musician. This piece was challenging in a number of ways. There was a lot of great music and variety to choose from the couple hours of the performance, so narrowing down which to show and which of the four cameras to use at any time was tough. Keeping the flow of the video going among the different sections with different music and energy levels was also tricky.


Role: Sole Editor

The goal of this project was to create a gameplay teaser for the browser MMO in development. The video was designed to highlight key gameplay features and show off as much variety as possible. The client gave rough guidelines and certain musts for the video, though direction, wording, and content selection was largely left up to me. Communication was key on this project as the game was essentially unplayable on my end from a recording perspective, so I had to provide detailed requests for footage to be recorded and sent to me.


Role: Sole Camera Operator, Sole Editor

The goal of this project was to create a short promotional video highlighting catering services provided. The production of this video involved a lot of improvising, flexibility, and behind the scenes work. Nothing went as planned the days of recording. Schedules changed, weather was bad, planned shooting locations were not available, and there were massive last minute script changes. The client meant well, though was no actor and performed poorly on camera. Dozens of takes were needed, and there is a lot of piecing together of voiceover from multiple recorded clips whenever the chef is not shown in the video.


(practice project)

Role: Sole Editor, Recreated Sound Design

The goal of this practice project was to create an alternate trailer for the turn-based tactics horror mobile game. Specifically I wanted to better highlight features of the game, provide more variety in visuals, and have a faster pace. I used footage from the the original trailer as well as found footage from various playthroughs on YouTube. I also recreated the entire sound design (sound effects and selecting/cutting music). This video was featured on the developers' website and referred to as a "gem" and "fan-made trailer" for the game. Compare to the original trailer here.


Role: Sole Editor

The goal of this project was to edit an existing 15min video file down to a short one minute promo for the charity. I'm a big fan of helping others and often volunteer in my free time. This was an exceptional case, as the charity was located in Japan and I was working second-hand through my brother living there, who would translate and best communicate the goals of the project to me. I still can't read any of the Japanese text or fully understand what's going on in the video, but the charity and my bro loved it. I exceeded their expectations, and the video was used to promote the charity's annual event.


Role: Camera Operator, Lead Editor

The goal of this project was to record a live annual performance by a large community choir, and then edit several songs of that performance. My role also involved designing a coverage plan for our six cameras and three operators. This was a challenging production in that the venue was very large and required frequent repositioning of camera angles, we were unable to communicate during the event due to noise level and darkness, and the lead performer was very mobile during his performance, keeping us on our toes to make sure our shots were constantly framed correctly.