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Game Designer
Business Advisor
Project Manager


• Negotiated with music artists to license over 40 songs.

• Decided game direction, game features, and business strategy with company owner.

• Created player progression system to increase player engagement.

• Constructed website content, press kit, and product pages. Managed Steam forums, updating community and addressing concerns.

• Collaborated with artist to redesign user interface for entire game to be more appealing, clear, and engaging.

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Crash Wave Games
---Iron Tides---
Game Designer

• Key proponent in revising Block mechanic and changing to percentage-based hits in combat.

• Pitched new combat system based on Action Points used for movement and actions, designed to provide more clarity and flexibility in tactics to players. Original combat system revised to incorporate elements of pitch.

• Designed and presented 7 additional or heavily reworked character classes with new combat roles and unique abilities.

• Researched similar games and industry, and provided feedback in additional areas such as player progression, overworld navigation, and marketing.

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Greenlight Games
---various projects---
Game Designer

• Created foundations for main combat system, character customization and progression system, and 15 initial enemy types for GOMBIES (cancelled cooperative action RPG).

• Designed and pitched 6 new enemy types, and presented revised scoring/monetization system that was fair to all players (paying and non-paying) with more flexibility and clarity for the quick shooting free-to-play mobile game DEUL (current version of game has over 1 million downloads on Google Play).

• Brainstormed and pitched new product ideas. Conducted game and financial research.

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Simulation (PC)

MINION MASTERS  Strategy Brawler Tower Rush (PC)

Strategy Brawler Tower Rush (PC)

TAU STATION  Text-based MMO RPG (Browser)

Text-based MMO RPG (Browser)

MINOTAUR  Point and Click Visual Novel (PC)

Point and Click Visual Novel (PC)

KEEN  2D Slider Puzzler (PC)

2D Slider Puzzler (PC)

MASOCHISIA  Horror Point and Click Adventure (PC)

Horror Point and Click Adventure (PC)

WUNDERKIND  Interactive Video Series (YouTube)

Interactive Video Series (YouTube)

DISCREPANT  Sci-Fi Psychological Adventure (PC)

Sci-Fi Psychological Adventure (PC)

SOLAR HERO  2D Space Shooter (mobile)

2D Space Shooter (mobile)

Notable Video Game Events Involvement

  • Minefaire (2019) - Staffed Virtual Reality Area

  • FanVest eSports Summit (2018) - Registration/Greeter

  • VRX (2017) - Registration/Greeter, Misc Assistance

  • Roguelike Celebration (2017) - Registration/Greeter, Event Setup

  • Imgur Extra Life Charity Night (2017) - Registration/Greeter, Event Setup, Gave Tours, Misc Assistance

  • Pocket Gamers Connects (2017) - Registration/Greeter, Event Setup

  • GDC (2017) - Staffed Virtual Reality Prototype Hardware Booth, Pitched Product

  • Casual Connect (2016) - Photography