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Hello! I’m Velgus, otherwise known by my full name “John Velgus” or simply “V”. Welcome to my portfolio site where you can see a selection of my work. I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am passionate about the Game Industry, especially game design for systems and content. While my focus is on board games, I am constantly researching, playing, and creating games of all kinds. I have a diverse background, including game design/development, working events, video production, copywriting, marketing, and some photography. I love constantly learning and corny jokes.

Click here to view my Resume.

You can also connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.


Currently my freelance work is centered on Tabletop / Board Games which I offer the following services for:

  • Game Development (refining a prototype for commercial release)

  • Contract Game Design (designing a game from a core concept)

  • Running Play Tests And Gathering Feedback

  • Rulebook Editing

  • Convention and Event Staff

Initial consultation is free! Send me an email at j.velgus[at] and we’ll set up some time to talk. I work hourly or flat fee on a project by project basis. Quotes available on request.